A Wireless, Web-based Alarm System From Your Trusted Source is a low-cost, wireless, web-based alarm detection and notification system ideal for both permanent and temporary applications.

Features Features

  • Access to — an exclusive SaaS application that makes OPC-compatible. allows users to share data with their HMI / SCADA software and third-party applications. Download the brochure for full product information, or click here to see it in action!
  • Real-time Reporting — Collect real-time data via a web-enabled WRTU 24 hours a day. Features include RTU health reports, M2M output and over-the-air firmware updates.
  • Totally Wireless RTU — Easy to install. Goes where landlines can’t, with 98% availability across North America.
  • Reliable, Web-based Communication — Triple-redundant, secure website links WRTU with system.
  • Secure, 24 / 7 Access — Retrieve equipment and status info anytime, from any web-enabled device or by calling a toll-free number.
  • Robust Monitoring & Control Functionality — Simple configuration through system templates. Integrates eight digital and two universal inputs, and two relay outputs. Receive status of all channels — including analog — in real-time.
  • Straightforward User Interface — Set up, manage and move multiple WRTUs from one user login. Ideal for equipment rental companies. No additional equipment required.
  • Custom User Templates — Easier configuration remotely or locally. Optimized for water and wastewater pump applications.
  • Intelligent System Indicators — Immediate status updates for a number of functions: signal strength, transmission, local service registration, armed / disarmed, AC / battery, on / off.
  • On-demand Custom Reporting — View system alarm and status reports, including battery and charging / discharging status. Data exports with customizable ranges.
  • Flexible Alarm Notification & M2M Control — Instant alarm notification by voice, SMS, pager and email. Options allow you to notify groups only once with non-critical messages that don’t require acknowledgement. Or, use blast mode to instantly send a repeated message to every user on the list until it is acknowledged. The M2M control allows users the ability to control locally connected devices.
  • Easy Tracking of WRTUs — Know where your WRTUs are by entering GPS coordinates into the system or using the visual Google Maps™ interface to pinpoint them.
  • Over-the-Air Firmware Updates — Allows users to update WRTUs remotely — no need for a field visit.


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