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Openchannelflow’s pre-engineered Fiberglass Equipment Shelters offer year-round protection of larger equipment in even the most demanding of environments.

The Shelters provide all-weather protection, require virtually no maintenance, are not susceptible to rust / rot / corrosion / or decay.

Openchannelflow offers:

  • Single-Piece Shelters
    • 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’, and 10’ widths
    • 2′-6″ to 16′ lengths
    • 7′-6″ height (peak)
  • Modular Shelters
    • 8’ to 16′ widths
    • 4′ to 30′ lengths
    • Up to 13′-6″ height (peak)


High Strength

Pound for pound fiberglass is stronger than sheet metal.  It will not rust and it is perfect for outside use or at locations near water, especially salt water, or the corrosive environments found at treatment and chemical plants.

Our X-Web technology bonds the inner and outer fiberglass skins together by creating a web (or I-beam) of fiberglass around each insulating core panel.  The result is wall / roof sections that are incredibly light yet which are, pound for pound, stronger than steel.


Well Equipped

Openchannelflow equipment Shelters come with a long list of standard equipment:

  • 3068 single door
    • Overhead hydraulic door holder / closer
    • Stainless steel ball knob
    • Molded-in door frame / threshold
  • 125 A main lug load center
  • Pre-wired 12 gauge THHN in rigid PVC conduit
  • Weatherproof GFCI outlet and switches
  • LED light
  • Insulating core
  • Exhaust fan, heater, and intake shutter
  • Fiberglass equipment mounting struts
  • Maintenance-free, gloss exterior
  • Removable lifting eyes

Endless Customization

While our shelters come with a long list of standard equipment, we also take a personal approach, designing each fiberglass shelter to meet our customer’s exact needs.

We can easily modify widths and depths to allow for the perfect solution, and offer a wide range of equipment packages and options:

  • Doors (single, double, roll-up, and custom widths / heights)
  • Electrical (outlets, switches, PVC / EMT / rigid conduit)
  • HVAC (heaters, vents, fans, powered, unpowered, solar)
  • Floors and Bases
  • Lighting (interior, exterior, skylights)
  • Access panels / bulkheads
  • Safety equipment (horns, lights, emergency showers)

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