Chemical Dosing System (Liquid)

Chemical Dosing System (Liquid)

For the past two decades, SPD has been providing pre-assembled liquid chemical feed systems, that only require adding a chemical reagent and power! Chemical dosing systems are used for the automated injection of liquid reagents, across many industries and services. These dosing systems help with the control of chemical imbalances, odour emissions, and other operation variables. They are ideal for systems that require high dosing rates, and continuous operation. Our systems are fully piped, wired and pressure tested for easy installation and start-up. All our systems are supported on either chemically resistant wall-mounted plates or floor-mounted skids. Implementing these systems in your process plant allows for cost minimization and process optimization, with less procedural redundancies and reduced downtime between unit operations. These systems can be found at pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, polymer processing factories, amongst other industries.


Wall-Mounted Mechanical Dual Pump Packages

Our wall-mounted mechanical dual pump packages are ideal for Well applications and small disinfection requirements. It consists of:

  • Two pumps mounted on a wall-mountable back plate, fully piped, wired and tested.
  • Automatic fall-back: the system will automatically switch to the standby pump when no flow is detected. A digital alarm is also sent to the PLC or SCADA.
  • Back pressure valve to ensure linear and accurate pumping.
  • Pressure relief valves for system protection against accidental system over-pressurization.
  • Calibration cylinders and pressure gauges.
  • Control panel for local manual control of pumps.
  • Comprehensive I/O connections for remote supervisory control.
  • Typical capacities: 0-5 L/H.


Skid-Mounted Pump Packages

Our skid-mounted pump packages are ideal for tight plant layouts. It consists of: 

    • Floor/skid-mounted package fully piped, wired and tested.Skid will be dropped in place for field connection to the chemical tanks and injection points.
    • Variable speed control and electronic stroke control from two remote analog signals. 
  • Networking possibilities include SCADA control. 
  • Flow measuring options for accurate chemical dosing. 
  • All welded joints prevent chemical leaking.
  • Flanged connections for larger pump systems. 
  • Union couplings for components that need to be removed for inspection. 
  • Chemically resistant materials of construction. 
  • Specially engineered systems to fit in tight spaces. 
  • Typical capacities: 0-550 L/H.

Mid-Size Chemical Packages, Wall- or Skid-Mounted 

It consists of:

  • One or two pumps on a back plate, fully piped, wired and tested. “Hang-on-the-wall” solution for industrial and municipal feed requirements. 
  • Automatic fall-back: the system will automatically switch to the standby pump when no flow is detected. A digital alarm is also sent to the PLC or SCADA. 
  • Back pressure, and pressure relief valves to ensure accuracy and system protection. 
  • Calibration cylinders and pressure gauges. 
  • Control panel for manual control of pumps. 
  • Easy installation and replacement. 
  • Comprehensive I/O connections for remote supervisory control. 
  • Typical capacities: 0-50 L/H.

Chemical Package with Profibus Networking, including SCADA control

It consists of:

  • AC variable speed drive.
  • Remote monitoring via Profibus digital networking connections to the PLC or SCADA system. 
  • Local or remote pump control; remote mode offers manual or automatic control options. 
  • In-line magnetic flowmeter measures and records chemical usage and flow. 
  • Variable frequency drive and flowmeter settings recorded and stored digitally. 
  • Programmed software interlocks provide system protection. 
  • Safety device setpoints for each chemical pump are pre-set software programs and are not adjustable from a SCADA graphic. 
  • Typical capacities: 500 L/H 



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