Catalyst EtherNet-IP


Finally, one flexible system is all you need for all your data and event logging, alarm notification, and status checking needs. RACO’s Catalyst EtherNet-IP System provides an up-to-the-minute, two-way connection with your critical data whether through traditional phone, pager, cell phone, e-mail, or fax channels.


Features and Benefits:

  • Data and event logging, alarm notification, and status checking from a single package solution.
  • Monitor up to 256 points from pumps to PLC for extensive data and event logging information.
  • Real time, 2 way communication using phone, fax, e-mail, cell phone, or numeric or alphanumeric pager.
  • Communication to as many as 96 user destinations, including a central computer.
  • Interfaces with any PLC or with any other device using Modicon Modbus protocol.
  • Software is programmable and upgradeable from remote locations using RACO’s free Alarmware configuration software.


Additional information

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