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Our knowledge

Our technical approach allows us to use our experience to identify the best product/solution for each distinct process application.

Our team

Our technical team provides superior expertise and service to our customers.

Our experience

SPD Sales Limited has been in operation since 2002, and maintains its high reputation in the process control market.

Our latest products

Many of our partners have worked with us for years, which has allowed us to form strong relationships, and get the best products for your needs.

Our sales practices

At SPD Sales Limited, we work with our clients to form long-term relationships, and provide them with continuous technical support for their products.

Our values

SPD Sales Limited is proud to be working with essential services, and maintain good covid-safety practices during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Field Engineers

Our field engineers have decades of combined hands-on experience with a versatile set of chemical feed products, instrumentation and technology, allowing them to identify the best product and/or solution for each distinct process application.

From the starting design, to start-up, to process optimization, calibration, and maintenance, SPD Sales Limited has the experience and knowledge to provide process market solutions for all industries. Our team will help you with all your design requirements.

Our Clients

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