SFCO2 Gas Feed System

SPD SALES Limited CO2 pH neutralization system offers dissolution equipment to satisfy and pH adjustment requirements.

SFCO2 systems are presented as skid-mount equipment, ready to go. The system is compact and automated, with a high CO2 injection efficiency to meet any kind of water treatment.



  • All components are pre-piped and assembled as a skid, both wall-mounted or freestanding.
  • All components are 316SS.
  • High Precision Mass Flow Controller for precise dosing control both automatic and manual.
  • Precise Feed Rate and feedback. Accuracy: +/- 1%.
  • Redundancy Standard.
  • Uses of CO2 for water treatment:

    • Effluent water treatment.
    • Process Water pH Control.
    • Drinking water re-carbonation.

    Benefits of CO2 pH Control

    • Safe-to-use: In the absence of water is inert and non-corrosive. Does not overshoot pH, even with excess addition.
    • Accuracy of Regulation: CO2 is better than strong acids for controlling pH.
    • Low Maintenance System
    • Flexibility: Turndown ration in control of the injection rate exceeding 50:1; the pH control system will efficiently and rapidly respond to any fluctuation off flowrate or incoming pH.
    • Safe for Environment: There is no secondary pollution introduced into the treated water.


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    SFCO2 Gas Feed System