NIC Clamp-On Sensor

For contactless flow measurement in pipes

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter is ideal for retrofitting system at flow measurement places as well as for monitoring of drinking water networks. Unaffected by pressure and temperature.


  • Ultrasonic transit time sensor for connection to NivuFlow 600
  • Clamp-on system. No contact to measurement medium
  • 2-path measurement
  • Measurement in clear to slightly polluted water
  • Ideal for retrofitting or replacement in the drinking water area
  • Up to 100 m of cable length between sensor and transmitter or adapter box


Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter sensors are part of a measurement system for continuous flow measurement and storage of the recorded measurement data. They can be used for clean to slightly polluted media.

The sensors of this non contact flow meter are used for flow measurement in full pipes featuring various dimensions.

Thanks to the clamp-on design there is no contact between sensor and the measurement medium. The sensors therefore are particularly suitable for use in the drinking water area. Measurement tasks can be carried out very easy within very short time without any greater effort. This applies for high pressures as well as for aggressive and abrasive media.

Readings are detected based on the ultrasonic transit time principle, which allows versatile use with high accurate measurement results. Thanks to perfectly matched mounting material the system is ideal for retrofitting or as replacement system for existing flow measurements.


Typical clamp-on sensor applications

  • Fixed measurements in full pipes in hydropower plants, pump stations and similar
  • Monitoring of drinking water plants and networks
  • Irrigation systems
  • Inlets and outlets conducting cooling water or circulation
  • WWTP outlets
  • Dirty water pipelines
  • Industrial flow measurements, process water
  • Retrofitting and Replacement of existing flow measurement system
  • and many more


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