Aeration Control with Egger Iris Valves and Kurz Thermal Mass at North Toronto WWTP

The Toronto North wastewater treatment plant in Canada has been in operation since 1929 and treats the wastewater of approximately 55,000 residents. Located in the Don Valley, the plant has a capacity of 34,000 m3 per day (9 MGD). Currently, the secondary treatment is undergoing a total renovation.
Schematic of the Toronto North Wastewater Treatment Plant, Source: City of Toronto, Toronto Water

While upgrading the biological treatment, eight Egger Iris® Airflow Control valves in sizes 6’’ (DN 150) and 8’’ (DN 200) are being used in addition to new turbo-blowers, new membrane aerators and upgraded control technology. In combination with upstream installed Kurz Thermal Mass Flow measurements, the oxygen content of the aeration basins can be adjusted precisely and energy-efficiently according to the influent.

Thanks to their centrally closing geometry, Iris® Diaphragm Control Valves are able to control very precisely and economically and are characterized by a high positioning accuracy and repeatability.

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