OFR Radar sensor

Product Details


  • Contactless flow velocity measurement
  • Installation without interrupting processes
  • Ex-Approval zone 1 optional
  • Determination of surface velocity
  • Low maintenance through contactless radar sensor
  • Easy installation and operation
  • For use in aggressive / abrasive media
  • For measurement places with high pollution loads and sedimentation
  • For shooting discharge and low flow level
  • Improved accuracy in combination with bottom-mounted ultrasonic velocity sensors

    By developing the OFR radar sensor in combination with our previous product range we are capable of providing the best possible measurement solution to detect any kinds of flow in each application.
    Whether for measurement places with highest accuracy requirements or for applications with difficult media – we provide easy-to-install measurement systems achieving optimum results.
    The unique combination of radar measurement and ultrasonic measurement provides previously unprecedented accuracy covering the entire measurement range.

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