NivuFlow Mobile 750

Product Details

NivuFlow Mobile 750

For high accurate and portable flow metering in part filled and full channels. The well thought-out power management and the built-in modem allow long-term measuring with automatic data transmission.


  • Extremely long battery life – 5 min. 250 days
  • Flood protected IP68 locked, IP67 open
  • Operation via smartphone, tablet etc.
  • Quick start assistant
  • Automatic sensor detection
  • Wide range of sensors for best application solutions
  • Integrated Modem optional


NivuFlow Mobile 750 is the successor to the PCM product family. Based on the ultrasonic cross correlation technology with flow profile detection and thanks to the use of up to 3 v-sensors the portable system provides highest accuracy. Accessories such as a calibrated pipe measuring section to force full filled pipes or appropriate sensor mounting materials provide the best possible conditions for impeccable measurements.

The modern operating concept via web browser in connection with tablet, smartphone etc. is intuitive and enables quick commissioning. Here, a quick start asistant guides through the most relevant parameter settings.

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