NivuFlow 550

Radar Flow Meter

Contactless flow measurement for open channels and part filled pipes



  • Low maintenance through contactless radar sensor
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Ideal for use with all liquids, even aggressive / abrasive media
  • Modular flexible installation
  • IoT-ready with global 4G connectivity for highest availability and digital services
  • Energy-saving cycle operation for self-sufficient systems

Contactless Radar Flow Metering

The contactless low-maintenance radar sensor provides reliable operation even at very high discharge velocities with low flow levels. Dynamic hydraulic models for various channel shapes based on varying filling levels enable accurate detection of the real flow rate.

Introducing the NivuFlow 7550 we provide a transmitter for Hybrid flow measurement using radar and ultrasonic technology.

Easy Installation and Handling

Due to DIN rail mounting options the compact transmitter saves space and can be installed easily in control cabinets. Moreover the NivuFlow 550 is available with a special protected field enclosure for use under harsh ambient conditions. The large graphic display permits quick and easy commissioning of the flow meter system.

Due to the modular construction of our radar flow meter system we can provide the appropriate solution for each application

NivuFlow 550 provides extended diagnostic options and facilitates in-depth analysis of running processes on site. The transmitter software is in line with current requirements. Future-proof protocols and versatile communication and integration options open many ways for operators to integrate the devices into higher systems such as SCADA or process control systems.


Typcal applications for NivuFlow 550

  • Measurement places with high pollutant load and sedimentation
  • Measurement places featuring bed load / debris
  • Measurement places with installation restrictions in the channel
  • Shooting discharge at low flow levels and high velocities


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