IQ SensorNet ViSolid® Suspended Solids Probe

Smooth, durable sapphire measuring windows and continuous ultrasonic cleaning provide reliable and trouble-free service. The ViSolid is a good choice for process control of activated sludge wasting with an immersion mount for MLSS monitoring and an insertion mount to monitor RAS/WAS.

  • Factory calibrated
  • UltraClean™ maintenance free cleaning system provides integrated, continuous ultrasonic cleaning to prevent fouling for accurate measurements every time.
  • Low ownership cost. No wipers or seals to replace.
  • Measure in mg/L or %. Measuring range up to 40,000 mg/L
  • 2-year probe warranty

The sensor is part of our IQ SensorNet family of products and works directly with our advanced wastewater process monitoring and control platform the IQ SensorNet 2020 3G controller or our simplified IQ SensorNet 282/284 controller.


The ViSolid is a reflectance-based TSS (total suspended solids) probe for the IQ SensorNet process monitoring system.

The ViSolid comes with 2 factory calibrations for greatest versatility. Calibration matrix type 1 is designed for monitoring MLSS (mixed liquor suspended solids), return activated sludge (RAS), and waste activated sludge (WAS). Calibration matrix type 2 is used for monitoring primary sludge and thickened sludge. Two types of user calibrations (correction factor and value pair) are available for fine-tuning the factory calibration or monitoring TSS in other applications.


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