H- Type flumes are available in three different styles, each with their own depth and the geometry of the discharge face. Different from other flumes, H- Type flumes are more like V-notch weirs because of their exit geometry. Sometimes called open channel flow nozzles, they remain listed as flumes due historical precedent.

Product Details

H, HS, HL Flume Types

H-flumes are available in three different styles based on the depth size of the flume and the geometry of the discharge face. Different from other flumes, H-flumes are more like V-notch weirs because of their exit geometry. They are sometimes called open channel flow nozzles, but listed as flumes because of their historical precedent. TRACOM offers three different types of H-flumes:

  • HS-Flume offered in sizes 0.4’ – 1.0’ for 0.07 – 360 GPM
  • H-Flume offered in sizes 0.5’ – 4.5’ for 0.18 – 37,699 GPM
  • HL-Flume offered in sizes 3.0’ – 4.0’ for 2.24 – 52,510 GPM

H-Flume Applications

H-flumes are known for their versatility and are used in various applications including:

  • Dam Seepage
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Storm Water Monitoring
  • Edge-of-Field MonitoringIndustrial Discharge Monitoring
  • Other Applications

H-type flumes can not tolerate submergence past 30% and operate best when discharging to freefall. If placed in a channel, scour is possible and remedied with rip rap. For smaller H-Type flumes collection bowls are available through TRACOM to direct flow back into pipe.

Upstream flow should be sub-critical, tranquil, and uniform. Approach sections are recommended to create optimal conditions and baffles can be used to smooth flow. In situations where the channel is larger than the entrance of the flume wingwalls, either rounded or angles can be used to direct flow. All are available and easily integrated into TRACOM flumes.

H Flume History

Developed by the Soil Conservation Service (now the Natural Resources Conservation Service) the H-Type flume was originally designed to study agricultural runoff, H-flumes have since been co-opted to monitor storm water run-off and industrial flow. They are used in open channels where free-falling discharge conditions are common. They provide excellent measurement accuracy for a wide range of flows.

H-Flume Options & Accessories

TRACOM understands each wastewater management project is different. Your system may need parts and accessories that other industrial design companies do not. To meet your project’s needs, we offer a long list of H-flume options and accessories:

  • Ultrasonic mounting brackets
  • Bubble tubes
  • Sample tubes
  • Submerged probe cavities
  • Stilling wells (attached and detached)
  • Staff gauges
  • Removable pH probe holders
  • Approach sections
  • Inlet bulkheads
  • Inlet PVC pipe stubs
  • Flanged inlet connection
  • Flow straighteners
  • Fiberglass grating
  • Multi-piece construction
  • Chemically resistant gel coat

If you don’t see the specific product you are looking for, contact one of our specialists to find an ideal alternative.

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