FDO 700 IQ and TriOxmatic Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

YSI’s FDO 700 IQ and TriOxmatic optical dissolved oxygen (DO) sensors are applicable for the removal of biological nutrients and precise measurement of DO for wastewater treatment plants to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of processes at treatment facilities. They are reliable, precise and available with the most advanced online systems that are accessible in real-time. These types of sensors are typically used in water and wastewater treatment, water pollution control, and fishfarming/aquaculture.

Product Details

Features and Benefits:

  • FDO 700 IQ Measurement through stimulated fluorescent dye in the sensors membrane
  • No incident flow required
  • Insensitive against bubbles
  • TriOxmatic Measurement through Electrochemical method
  • Use well proven technology more than 20,000 installations worldwide
  • Self diagnosis capability

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