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Product Description

YSI Alyza IQ Analyzers

The simple choice for Orthophosphate and Ammonium Analyzers

The innovative Alyza IQ analyzers are YSI’s reliable, low-maintenance solution for wastewater monitoring and control. Easy to maintain with reliable measurements, IQ analyzers just work… and work… and work. The Alyza PO4 and NH4 instruments are cabinet-style, wet chemistry analyzers with built in sample delivery systems. Available in single- or dual-channel versions, Alyza features self-cleaning and calibration for reliable measurements. In addition, Alyza uses very little reagents, lowering your cost per measurement.

Features and Benefits:

  • Minimum maintenance with automatic cleaning.
  • High accuracy at low measuring ranges
  • Extremely low reagent consumption – uses 5 μL (PO4) or 15 μL (NH4) per sample
  • Connects to IQ SensorNet controllers (provides 10W power)
  • Easy installation – analyzers can be installed directly at the basin
  • 1- or 2- channel versions; 2-channel allows for sampling from two locations
  • Optimized user interface and self-diagnostics
  • Serviceable – safe and easy replacement of reagents
  • One- or two-point automatic calibration at user-defined intervals
  • Ammonium or orthophosphate units availableYSI Alyza