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Product Description

Streaming Current MonitorApplication:

Chemtrac’s Streaming Current Monitor SCM2500/SCC3500 uses streaming current measurement to maintain proper electrokinetic charge (ionic & colloidal) in the treated water. It responds effectively to changes in raw water characteristics (turbidity, color, pH, etc.) and flow rates. This allows the operator, or an automated control device, to make the necessary coagulant feed adjustments in order to continuously maintain the optimum dosage.Streaming Current Monitor charges measurement to control Coagulant or Polymer addition in water, wastewater or industrial applications, and is available in 2 models.

  • SCM2500XRD Model – Standard Benefits and Features
  • SCC3500XRD Model – Standard Benefits and Features + PID Controller + Flow Control

Features and Benefits:

  • Immediate response to process changes and maintains high quality, finished water, which reduces coagulant/polymer costs
  • Automates coagulant/polymer dosing and ensures coagulation reliability, thus improving operator efficiency
  • Patented sensor design
  • Microprocessor technology
  • Quick replacement probe and piston
  • Self diagnostic sensor
  • High-volume flow minimizes sensor fouling
  • Removes electronics from harsh environments
  • Corrosion-free nema 4x enclosure
  • Optimal computer interface
  • Auxiliary input signals