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Product Description

smart digitalSmart Digital DDA, DDC, DDE

Grundfos‘ SMART Digital DDA, DDC and DDE generations with powerful variable-speed stepper motor brings state-of-the-art technology to perfection. Combined expert knowledge and the new patented solutions set future standards. Traditional technologies such as stroke length / stroke frequency adjustment with synchronous motor or solenoid drive become a thing of the past.

Three application-oriented type ranges

DDA: High-end pump range for extended flow and pressure ranges with sensor-based FlowControl and measurement functions for challenging industrial applications,


• Process water
• Food and beverage
• Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis
• Pulp and paper
• Boiler feed water
• CIP (Cleaning-In-Place).

DDC: User-friendly pump range with standard inputs
and outputs for common applications, e.g.
• Drinking water
• Waste water
• Swimming pool water
• Cooling tower
• Chemical industry.

DDE: Low-budget pump range with basic functions
including manual operation or control via PLC for OEMSMART Digital
applications, e.g.
• Car wash
• Irrigation.