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Product Description


PC3400PC3400 – Liquid Particle Counter


The PC3400 is the first Particle Counter designed for use in drinking water treatment plants that has truly made the calibration process uncomplicated for the end user. Simply access the calibration features via the front panel keypad and perform automatic sizing calibration of any selected size range in seconds. No computer or software is required. With the PC3400, the customer is no longer dependent upon the manufacturer for calibration of their instrument.


Features and Benefits

  • Counts particles in liquid from 2-750 microns
  • Sizes particles from 2-125 microns
  • Up to 8 user programmable size ranges
  • Large display with 8 channel readout & graph
  • Reports total counts, cnts/mL, or cnts/100mL
  • User friendly, menu driven calibration
  • MODBUS RTU communication
  • Laser & cell condition readout (0-100%)
  • External sensor with sapphire optics