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Palmer-Bowlus FlumePalmer-Bowlus Flume


The Palmer-Bowlus flume is designed for measuring flows in sewer pipelines and open round channels. Developed by Harold V. Palmer and Fred D. Bowlus of the Los Angeles County Sanitation District during the mid-1930’s, the Palmer-Bowlus flume has grown to become one of the principal flumes used in the measurement of industrial and municipal sewers. 

TRACOM‘s Palmer-Bowlus flume restricts the flow through the flume through the use of a trapezoidal throat section. The trapezoidal section is the preferred design for round open channels and pipelines as the shape has the least constriction through the flow area of other flumes and has a generally lower head loss. 
Features and Benefits:

  • Ease of installation
  • Good for temporary or portable installations
  • Ready adaption to circular channels
  • Multiple flume configurations







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