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Product Description

OCM Pro CF Flow MeterOCM Pro CF Flow Meter


NIVUS OCM Pro CF flow meter is a measurement system for continuous flow control, flow measurement and data storage for slightly to very polluted medias. Its design makes it suitable for part-filled and full pipes, as well as channels and flumes with a wide range of shapes and sizes.

OCM Pro CF uses a transmitter and active universal sensors, which can be flow velocity sensors with or without integrated flow level measurement available, or air-ultrasonic flow level sensors for direct connection to OCM Pro CF. Various measurement system setups are applicable depending on the needs of the customer, from wedge sensors to be used in channels and open flumes, or pipe sensors applicable to steel, concrete and plastic pipes. Typical applications of OCM Pro CF include, but are not limited to, wastewater treatment plants, industrial wastewater networks, industrial flow measurements and irrigation systems.

OCM Pro CF can be accessed over the internet through a dedicated website, which allows for internal network and/or remote access of the flow meter for maintenance and diagnosis. Data transfer is made easy, as the data from several locations is readily available to be analyzed in real-time though the click of a mouse. 


Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Highly accurate
  • Measures the real flow velocity profile
  • Spatial allocation of single velocities
  • Cross correlation with digital pattern detection
  • Absolutely stable zero point and drift-free
  • No electrodes and conductivity required
  • Applicable to all channels, part-filled and full pipes and flumes
  • Measures heavily polluted and abrasive media
  • No external calibration required
  • Suitable even for very difficult applications
  • Stores complete measurement data on Compact Flash card
  • Online connection/data transmission and remote maintenance via Internet