Product Description



NIVUS NivuChannel (NOM) flow meter is suitable for continuous flow measurement and control for part-filled pipes, full pipes, channels, flumes and surface water bodies. It’s designed to measure clean to heavily polluted medias of various consistencies, using ultrasonic transit time technology for the highest accuracy.

NivuChannel calculates flow rate based on the difference in transit time of ultrasonic signals between two sensors. A variety of sensors (some with special mounting accessories) can be used with the product depending on the application required. This ensures its usability, even for very difficult applications.

NivuChannel is typically used for the following: inlet, discharge and other processes for wastewater treatment plants, permanent measurement of surface water bodies, irrigation systems, water or circulation systems, industrial flow measurement and measurement of storm water.


Features and Benefits:

  • Highly accurate
  • Capable of storing data on compact flash card
  • Real time access to instrument and data – online connection/data transmission and remote maintenance via Internet
  • Versatile as it is applicable for open channels, closed and partially filled pipes
  • Allowable distance between sensors and transmitters of up to 300 m (with adapter box)