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Product Description

454FTB-WGF454FTB-WGF Single-point Insertion Flow Meter


The Kurz Series 454FTB-WGF is the first thermal mass flow meter engineered specifically for wet gas, condensing gas, and biogas environments. The patent-pending design processes the dry flow signal independent of the effects of moisture in the process gas stream, making it the ideal flow meter for digesters, landfills, animal feeding operations, wet stacks, and mining.


  • Aluminum Type 4, IP66 dual chamber polyester powder-coated enclosure
  • Two optically-isolated loop-powered 4-20 mA outputs
  • User-configurable English or metric units for mass flow rate, mass velocity, and process temperature
  • Integral or remote user interface


  • The first thermal mass flow meter offering accurate and reliable wet gas flow measurement
  • Accurate and realtime digester measurements reveal digester imbalances, enabling early corrective action and leading to increased gas production
  • Optimizing the digester process allows a facility to recover maximum digester gas
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