HVT-SM-Sealed Metering System

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Product Description

HVT-SM-Sealed Metering System

HVT-SM-Sealed Metering System


PFS HVT-SM Sealed Metering System facilitates in the flow measurement of high viscosity line fluids, or solids bearing line fluids as well as harsh and/or contaminated line fluids. This design eliminates any possibilities of clogging, or the adverse effects of pulling a vacuum in the throat, or gas bubble formation or deterioration due to harsh, hazardous or contaminated line fluids.

Features and Benefits:

  • The design incorporates a 3 inch remote seal for sensing high pressure within the inlet, and a 3 inch remote seal for sensing the low pressure within the throat.
  • Equipped with an integral calibration to permit the operator to periodically calibrate without removing the entire HVT – SM Sealed System meter. ┬áThis is a major advantage compared to a magnetic flow meter that needs initial calibration prior to installation in exactly duplicated installation conditions, in order to have a possibility of providing some sort of accuracy.
  • Neither gas bubbles nor vacuum conditions have an adverse effect on the system’s abilitly to perform accurately and reliably.