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Product Description


PFS’s HVT-Halmi Flow Meter is a flow element that preserves all of the best features and benefits of the Classical Venturi, yet provides substantial relief in terms of initial costs, pipe Reynolds Number range ability, along with a number of significant improvements in other areas.
A properly designed and manufactured Venturi is possibly the best and most reliable means to obtain accurate flow rate indication of continuous pressurized line fluids, regardless of the compared technology. This makes the Venturi economical to operate with applications where the energy to move the line fluid is provided by means of pumps. This design is available in a variety of configurations, including cast iron pressure vessel, fabricated (welded) metal pressure vessel, plastic insert style, welded insert style, and welded-in pressure vessel style. Additionally, the HVT is offered as a cast in place (usually concrete and typically rectangular) configuration.PFS, Inc. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for gas or liquid phase line fluids
  • No annual chambers means no plugging
  • Linear standard discharge coefficient of 0.99 (from approximately 75,000 pipe Reynolds number and above)
  • Standard accuracy of +/0.50% (2 sigma basis)
  • Line size availability up to 180 inches
  • No downstream installation effect
  • Minimal upstream installation effect