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Product Description

HVT-Bi-Directional Venturi Flow MeterHVT-Bi-Directional Venturi Flow Meter


PFS Bi-Directional flow metering is appropriate for instances where a piping scheme utilizes the same line to accomplish different deliver and/or control functions in opposite directions, depending upon changing system conditions and process objectives. Examples include: process control involving air or gas oxygenation and evacuation; raw water feeding 2 (or more) fresh water treatment plants; redistribution of storm surge sewage influent to 2 (or more) treatment plants; and ASR (aquifer storage and recovery) systems. 
Features and Benefits:

  • Full HVT-Accuracy and Reliability with +/-0.50% uncalibrated and +/-0.25% with calibration.
  • Low acquisition cost because a single meter measures flow in both directions, into and out of the aquifer.
  • Easy operation and maintenance since all work can be performed at a single meter location, rather than at separate influent and effluent meters.