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Product Description

Chemgard Photoacoustic Gas MonitorApplication:

MSA’s Chemgard Photoacoustic Gas Monitor┬áseries, utilizing photoacoustic infrared (IR) sensing technology, provides precise, low-cost, high-performance monitoring for a variety of gases such as hydrocarbons, solvents, alcohols, alkanes, and toxics.

Features and Benefits:


  • Three different enclosure styles allow for installation in explosion-proof, NEMA 4, or rack-mounted configurations.
  • The NEMA 4 and the rack-mount versions of the Chemgard Monitor are easy to use and maintain, with only four front-panel pushbuttons to configure the instrument. The explosion- proof model is easily configured using a four-button, wireless IR transmitter which communicates through the front panel window. For most installations, gas monitoring begins after mounting the instrument, connecting the sample line and powering the unit.
  • The instrument typically draws the gas sample via an internal pump. This allows the unit to be mounted in a convenient location for the operator if the area to be monitored is inaccessible. A pressurized sample can also be delivered to the unit, eliminating the necessity for the internal pump. An internal flow switch alerts the operator if the gas sample is blocked by either a dirty end- of-line filter or clogged sample line.
  • The direct-reading display shows the actual gas value and any alarms and diagnostic messages.







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