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Product Description

CAE350S Compressor Analyzing System

CAE350S compressor Analyzing System is Comate Intelligent Sensors latest solution specially designed for analyzing the performance of compressor. The system integrated flow meter (humidity sensor built inside), pressure sensor, power meter through pad APP and Bluetooth communication technology.

Users will be able to read not only the standard flow rate, FAD flow rate, pressure, power consumption and efficiency, but also load/offloading times, unit power (power consumption per unit of compressed air), and power ratio (power efficiency under a certain productivity of compressed air).

Features and Benefits:

  • Universal design, fit in inlet pipe from DN40~DN200(1.5’’`8’’)
  • Flow meter installed on inlet pipe, easy to install, no need of pipe working
  • One cell phone can read all data and set the system, very easy to operate
  • Generate a report of all data and email to users automatic
  • Portable & movable design, one free case provided to hold the whole system

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