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Product Description

9010-9020_Controller_Units9010/9020 Controller Units


MSA‘s 9010/9020 Controllers are designed to offer maximum flexibility to work in conjunction with a wide variety of remote sensors. It provides reliable gas detection in a wide range of industries and applications. It features a modular design, combined with dual-channel capability, which allows for a variety of configurations to meet most applications. Each Control Module comes with an independent AC/DC power supply transformer for increased system reliability.

The 9010 operates with 1 independent sensor (single-channel), while the 9020 uses 2 independent sensors (dual-channel) per control module, thus offering considerable cost savings while maintaining high reliability and performance.

Features and Benefits:

Simple 3-key operation for configuration, calibration and routine operation
4 – 20 mA current loop accepted with no control unit calibration required
Enhanced system reliability through individual terminal blocks for each module








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