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Product Description

504FTB In-Line Mass Flow Transmitter


Providing partial or complete “in-situ mirrored” calibrations, the Kurz Instruments inline flow meters are designed to provide outstanding “plug and play” accuracy on gas flow measurement in applications where the pipe is less than eight inches in diameter. Greater “out-of-the-box” accuracy is achieved by calibrating the instrument in a spool piece which becomes a part of the process line.

The 504FTB model allows for greater accuracy when coupled with additional straight runs of process pipe. It is an excellent flow meter that has been used in thousands of global power plants, wastewater, energy management, and process applications. It uses a perforated plate technology to condition the flow for stable and repeatable accuracy.
Features and Benefits:

Designed for applications where flow disturbances or line size changes are not an issue.
The 504FTB has 10 models covering Mass Flow ranges to 1000 SCFM for inline sizes from ½” to 4″ pipes.