Iris Diaphragm Control Valve

iris valve by egger pumps

Energy saving valve for the precise and economical control at low loss of pressure of liquids and gases that can be either clean or contain particles.


– Energy-saving flow control
– No hysteresis
– Robust construction, suitable for frequent start-stop
– Low pressure losses due to larger open channel
– High flow capacity Cv (Kv)
– Turbulence-free across the entire range of flow regulation

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Turo Vortex Pumps T/TA

Turo Vortex Pumps with a completely open spherical channel. Only 15% of the pumped fluid comes into contact with the impeller. Around the world, thousands of these pumps have proven themselves with decades of excellent service.


– Gentle pumping of sensitive liquids, such as salt crystal
– Special volute casing, tuned to the hydraulics
– Big free passage even by small flow rates

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turbo vortex pump by egger

Process Pumps EO/EOS

process pumps by egger pumps

The high-performance pump for homogeneous liquids containing high concentrations of solids and high gas contents. Different numbers of impeller blades for large and small particle sizes.

– High suction capability
– High efficiency
– Externally adjustable wear plate for constant sustained output
– Multifaceted applicability
– Low life cycle costs (LCC)
– Long service life (MTBF)
– Economic storage, thanks to the Egger modular system

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Hybrid Pumps TEO

Pump with a hybrid impeller. Combines the advantages of our semi-open impeller with those of a Turo vortex impeller. Suitable for the transport of fluids with high gas content and large diameter solids.


– Stable suction characteristic during the transport of fluids with up to 10% gas content
– Interchangeability with a Turo Vortex impeller

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hybrid pump by egger pumps

Elbow Pumps RPP/RPG

The typical pump for large capacity at low discharge heads (circulation pump with axial impeller). Available in welded or cast construction with reinforcing ribs

– Thick blade profiles for long service life
– Gentle transport with sensitive, crystalline fluids
– Available in a wide range of metallic materials

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Pilot Pump S

To validate new processes for commercial systems, the processes are first tested in pilot systems. Often the delivery rates are low, ranging between 0.5 to 8 m³/h, and cannot be realised with a reactor pump. For this reason, Egger has developed a pilot pump S that meets all requirements for commercial process pumps. This series has been designed for boundary conditions of 25vol% gas fraction, 100 bar system pressure and a temperature of 280°C.

– Multi-phase mixtures with solids and gas
– Hydration
– Ethoxylation

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pilot pump s by egger pumps

Zone 0 Pump

Egger submerged sump pumps can be used in all explosion endangered zones. Together with PTB in Braunschweig, Egger has developed a safety concept specifically designed for Zone 0 explosion risks. It enables applications to be used in Zone 0 with medium temperatures up to 150 °C. Since 2000, Egger owns a valid Type Examination certificate and can rely on many years of experience in the use of submerged sump pumps in Zone 0 explosion-risk environments.

– No bearings in the pumped liquid
– Suited for fluids containing solid particles
– Submerged lengths of up to 10 meters possible
– Tight pit cover to the atmosphere available

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Reactor Pump HT/HPT

The performant reactor pump developed for high temperature and high pressure applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Since many years a reference to handle multiphase liquids such as chemical mixtures with high gas content. Egger HT/HPT pumps are specially designed for loop reactor continuous circulations with catalyst and high gas contents.

– Customized pump layout according to client request
– Centerline mounted single stage overhung pump according to API 610 OH2
– Process design enabling an easy and quick disassembly and assembly of back pull out unit and motor
– Very low NPSHR values resulting in very high suction capabilities
– Suitable for handling boiling liquids with low available suction head
– High hydraulic efficiency

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