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Wager Odor Control Systems

Model 2050-450

wager odor control

Designed to allow for ventilation and odor control at wastewater treatment plants, lift stations, wet wells, and more. Efficient and effective when absorbing harmful and unpleasant H2S gasses from pumping stations and sludge holding tanks.

Unlike competitors, Wager does not use carbon for absorption, instead, opting for the patented Wager Media blend.

Carbon absorption has many drawbacks not faced when using Wager Media. Carbon is likely to spontaneously combust past 130 degrees F, and temperatures are higher, it is possible for H2S to de-absorb, returning to gas. On top of that, Media is much easier to dispose of and has 50% more removal capacity by weight than carbon.

Egger Iris

 Diaphragm Control Valve

The Iris Diaphragm by Egger offers cutting edge technology that allows the optimization of biological processes. Creation & delivery of dissolved oxygen used in the activated sludge is known to consume up to 60% of a wastewater plants energy.

This compact design that offers proven accurate, stable, and repeatable flow control, and offers infinite flow options. Open the Iris fully to reveal a circle, or close it as tight as a camera aperture. There are no preset options, instead, infinite possibilities to accommodate precise measurements that are mandatory in wastewater treatment.

Plus, the Iris is designed with a self-lubricating thermoplastic spindle nut. Gone are the days of regular lubrication maintenance.

NivuFlow Stick

Mobile Measurement System for Watercourses

Stick by NivuFlow

The complete package can be transported easily in a car and is ready for use within seconds. Measurements are easy to take using a smartphone or a tablet. The system has no wearing parts and is maintenance-free. The device is easy and safe to operate in water as all components have been optimized for weight and are compactly attached to the holding bar. The stored data can be read out wireless on site

Grundfos LC 231 and LC 241 Level Controllers

Simplex and Duplex Control Panels for Emptying and Filling Applications

Grundfos control

Designed for one or two-pump control, the Grundfos LC Panel Line is ideal for a wide range of emptying and filling applications including: wastewater lift stations, storm water stations. This controller is easily implemented, and compatible with Grundfos’ extensive line of pump options, including Submersible Wastewater Pumps, Vertical Inline Multistage Pumps, and many more.

NIVUS OFR Surface Radar Sensor

Radar sensors for contacless measurement of surface velocity of liquid metal

NIVUS Surface Radar

The NIVUS radar flow measurement system offer a contactless solution for open channel flow. This measurement system operates with continuous wave Doppler and provides easy installation

YSI Alyza IQ Analyzers

The simple choice for Orthophosphate and Ammonium Analyzers

Alyza IQ Analyzer

The innovative Alyza IQ Analyzers are YSI’s reliable, low-maintenance solution for wasterwater monitoring and control. Easy to maintain with reliable measurements

CHEM-SENSOR MS-6 – ProSeries-M

Low Flow Chemical Sensor

chemical sensor blue white

CHEM-SENSOR MS-6 – ProSeries-M is a low flow chemical sensor best applied to flow verification and chemical metering. Patent Pending design by Blue-White Ind.