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Product Description

VFM60MV Multi-Variable Vortex Flow Meter

VFM60MV Multi-Variable Vortex Flow Meter is an integral solution for mass flow/standard flow measurement of steam and gas. This model is based on VFM60 technology, that means it also have super low measurement limit down to 2m/s and best anti-vibration performance.

It also integrated pressure and temperature sensors for density compensation, so it can also measure temperature, pressure, density, mass flow and standard flow. User would only need one flowmeter to measure and read all these parameters, this advantage leads to lower cost and maintaining

Features and Benefits:

  • Extremely high sensitivity, minimum flow rate down to 2m/s
  • 1:35 super wide turn-down ratio
  • Patent dual-sensor design and optimized signal processing technology to ensure best anti-vibration
  • No moving parts, very small pressure loss
  • Integral temperature and pressure senor to measure temperature and pressure
  • Calculate the density and mass flow without any separate sensor.
  • Isolated design for electrical parts to eliminate interference
  • Wide power source adaptability to fit in different applications
  • 2 lines LCD display with unit displaying
  • Standard output is pulse and 4~20 mA, Hart@4~20mA and RS485 is available
  • Metric/British Unit selectable
  • Density compensation function available, do not need flow computer for mass flow Password protecting function and self-diagnose function