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Product Description

Vaccuperm VGA-111/-113Vaccuperm VGA-111/-113


The Vaccuperm VGA-111/-113 by Grundfos Alldos is designed for the safe and accurate dosing of gaseous chlorine, ammonia or sulphur dioxide. This series is available in 8 measuring ranges for up to 4000 g/h chlorine.

Features and Benefits:

  • Vacuum regulator VGA-111 with a gas inlet valve, gas filter and safety overpressure valve for direct installation on a chlorine cylinder or a header line.
  • Dosing regulator VGA-113 for wall mounting, including compensation regulator, measuring device and gas quantity adjustment valve; up to 4 dosing points can be supplied with chlorine gas with one multiple dosing regulator.
  • Protection from gas leakages due to the vacuum principle and the safety elements.
  • High degree of safety in functioning and operation, as all the parts in touch with the media are made of corrosion-proof materials.






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