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Product Description

TruBlue Series 555, 575 and 585 TransducersApplication:
Measurement Specialities‘  TruBlue Series 555, 575 and 585 Transducers is of high quality transducers provide precision, performance and rugged reliability for environmental monitoring in the toughest of conditions. Along with permanent battery and power-conserving microprocessor technology, TruBlue Series of transducers are fully sealed and made with 316 stainless steel or titanium material that allows it to log level (depth) and temperature for up to 5 years. The transducers are equipped with 8 MB of memory, which stores up to 550,000 level and temperature measurements.
TruBlue 555 Level is typically used in environmental and watershed management applications including; ground water, surface water, canal and harbour monitoring, as well as for slug test, storm water, wave height, flood and storm surge, lakes and reservoirs, rivers and streams, dewatering, pump test and tide gauging.

TruBlue 575 Baro is a pressure transducer capable of accurately measuring barometric pressures and temperatures. It is typically used in applications including barometric pressure, ground water, surface water and water level measurements and atmospheric pressure.
TruBlue 585 CTD is a transducer for monitoring conductivity, and is typically used in flood and storm surges, harbours and canals, aquifer characterization, estuaries, saltwater intrusion and wet lands.


Features and Benefits:
Level accuracy of ±0.1% FS TEB
Easy to use PC or Mobile software for viewing graphs, exporting test data and managing transducers by site
Easy to set up
Data retrieval capability available
Real-time instrument status and data graphs can be displayed