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Wager Odour Control Vent Valve Model 1800

Odor_Control_Vent_ValveWager‘s 1800 Odour Control Vent Valve connects to a candy cane style pipe, and is designed to allow for ventilation in the open position. The valve body may be easily disassembled with two quick release lockable metal latches. The interior of the body contains a canister filled with odor media. This media is in pellet form allowing for better airflow thru the media bed, and is highly effective in removing hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) found in wastewater treatment applications.

Pellets are non-toxic and landfill disposable. The media contains blue indicator pellets that turn white when the media is spent. A complementary lab analysis is also offered to determine the remaining life of the media. This is especially helpful in creating an effective preventative maintenance program for odour control.

The 1800 is cast in 356-T6 aluminum with an epoxy powder coated finish. It is available in both standard 4” or 6” (100mm or 150mm) with a option of a metric flanged end connection.  A vertically mounted 1800, with rainshield is also available to protect the media from water damage in any rain event.









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