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Product Description

NivuFlow 750 Flow MeterNivuFlow 750 Flow Meter

The NivuFlow 750 flow meter is the successor to the well-known OCM Pro CF. Compact dimensions of the flowmeter allow DIN-rail installation and installation in switching cabinets even under confined space conditions and in narrow housings.

Combined front-side cage spring terminal clamps ensure quick and easy wiring as well as quick and easy transmitter exchange without tools.

The modern, intuitive one-hand operation using the rotary pushbutton in context with the high-resolution, easy-to-read graphic colour daylight display allows very quick and easy, cost-efficient commissioning on site. No extra input devices or software components are required.

The latest integrated discharge allow even more accurate and more stable investigation of flow rates at high operational reliability even under very difficult measurement conditions. Based on the ultrasonic correlation method, individual velocities are detected in different levels of the flow section. A real 3D flow profile is calculated in real time and is indicated in a reproducible and verifiable manner on the flow meter diaplay. Influencing factors such as flume shape, discharge behaviour and wall roughness are taken into account and are considered while computing the flow.

Features and Benefits:

  • Very high accuracy flow meter
  • Up to 3 measurement spots as well as up to 9 flow sensors (Version M9)
  • Real-time indication of real flow velocity profiles
  • Suitable even for very demanding applications
  • Intuitive, modern operating concept for quick and easy commissioning
  • Large colour graphic display
  • Integrated numeric flow models
  • Ultrasonic flow measurement in all channels, part filled and full pipes as well as flumes
  • No calibration required
  • Comprehensive diagnostic functions for reliable commissioning and quick maintenance
  • Spatial allocation of measured single velocities
  • Compact DIN rail flow meter for narrow switching cabinets
  • Field enclosure with large terminal housing for comfortable installation on site
  • Quick wiring thanks to front-side access
  • Universal standardised interfaces for easy connection