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K-Bar 2000B Multi-Point

K-Bar 2000B Multi-Point Insertion Mass flow Elements


K-BAR 2000B utilizes the Kurz MFTB Technology. This includes a fast, powerful microprocessor and patent pending circuit that measures both the gas velocity and the gas temperature using only two sensor elements on the “FD2″ Fast Dual Metal Clad™„ sensor. This Multipoint product is an extension of the same technology as the 454FTB thermal mass flow transmitter, but for larger pipe and duct sizes where higher process accuracy, repeatability, reliability and redundancy are critical for process control. It calculates the mass velocity and temperature at each point, thereby allowing the Series 155 Mass Flow Computer to present the average velocity and average temperature. It is ideal for ducts/stacks having wide-ranging spatial and time varying velocity and temperature profiles. It is used in municipal waste incinerators, flare gas metering, and recovery boilers. 

Features and Benefits:

  • The Multipoint elements are used in conjunction with a Kurz 155 Computer/Transmitter to accurately account for all of the variables involved in totalizing and averaging data from the sensors.
  • Temperature ratings of 260°C and 500°C.