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NIVUS Full Pipe (NFP) flow meter measures flow from slightly to very polluted medias in full pipes between the range of 100 – 800 mm. in diameter. It uses cross correlation technology, where reflecting particles are scanned twice (within a few milliseconds apart) using ultrasonic impulse. The resulting images are stored and correlated by indicating the difference in the particle position as they move with the medium. Flow velocity is then calculated based on the difference in particle position.

A variety of NIVUS accessories can be used with the NFP to facilitate installation; making the NFP an ideal substitute to obsolete or defected MIDs and other measurements, or as am add on to existing measurement systems.

The NFP is suitable for use in pump stations for wastewater treatment plants, rain, dirty and combined waste water, pressure pipelines, return sludge and drainage lines.


Features and Benefits:

  • Highly accurate
  • Use cross correlation technology with digital pattern detection for real flow velocity profile
  • Spatial allocation of single velocities
  • Drift free
  • No electrodes or conductivity required
  • Highly intuitive interface