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Product Description

Fiber Optic Smart Switch

Phoenix Digital Ethernet Smart Switches are used in Fiber Optic communications enabling long distance data transmission with noise immunity, and inherently redundant communications for Ethernet, Modbus, ControlNet, DataHwy, Remote I/O and many other networks.

Features and Benefits:

  • Intrinsically safe, noise immune fiber optic communications.
  • Fault tolerant, redundant fiber media.
  • User Programm accessible diagnostics
  • Enhanced, PC resident diagnostics.
  • Selectable wavelengths. . . 850, 1300, 1550 nm.
  • UL Class I, Division 2 Rating on all 1756 Plug-In and DIN-Rail, standalone modules.
  • Plugs directly into Allen-Bradley system chassis… 1771, 1746, 1756 Plug-In modules .
  • Enhanced, PC resident diagnostics.
  • Extended capacity, ControlNet and Ethernet. . . Multidrop 99+ ControlNet or Ethernet fiber optic modules on a Bus, Ring, or Star Network.
  • High speed, self-healing switch-over for fast recovery of Ethernet control networks.
  • Short or Long Distance. . .
  • 6 Feet (2 Meters) to 6 miles (10 Kilometres) apart
  • Multimode fiber operation. Over 16 Miles (25 Kilometres) apart –
  • Single mode fiber operation.​  Over 60 Miles (96 Kilometers) apart – Single mode fiber on Ethernet and Modbus.

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