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Product Description

DMX 227Application:

This high-tech diaphragm dosing pump is designed as a single or double pump for the dosing of large quantities of liquids. The pump has a rugged drive in an aluminium enclosure and a three-phase motor with PTC resistor. If you mount the optional frequency converter on the motor terminal box, you can easily adjust the dosing flow by the motor frequency in a 1:10 ratio.

Grundfos Alldos‘ DMX 227 completes the superior part of the proven spectrum of diaphragm dosing pumps. The low-cost technology of the diaphragm dosing pumps can cover even capacities of up to 2 x 4000 l/h in connection with a frequency converter; which means you obtain top-class technology at a favorable price.

Features and Benefits:

  • Capacity: 43 – 2 x 4000 l/h, 5 – 3 bar.
  • Flexible and favorable process integration by a drive with variable rotation numbers.
  • Compact, as the optional frequency converter is mounted directly on the motor.
  • Rugged pump for the worst industrial applications.