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Product Description

DMX 226Application:

Although our products perform well with many applications, we are always looking ahead to the market of tomorrow, hoping to bring our visions into reality. We have therefore completely reworked the Grundfos Alldos‘ DMX 226 diaphragm dosing pump range. It has been redesigned and improved with new characteristics and features, which our competitors will find very difficult to beat.

Features and Benefits:

  • Capacity: 2.4 – 2 x 765 l/h, 10 – 3 bar.
  • The pressure relief valves are unique in design. The valves can be integrally fitted to the dosing head (optional), maximizing system safety and by assisting suction and priming, making commissioning quick and easy.
  • Selecting a DMX 226 in a duplex version with two dosing heads makes the dosing process particularly cost-effective; two different chemicals can be dosed with a single pump. The many different combinations of dosing head and valve component materials make this possible.
  • DMX 226 duplex versions can also be used for cost efficient dosing of larger flow rates.
  • The chemical resistance and application suitability of the DMX 226 is excellent due to the adaptable combinations of materials which come into contact with the dosed chemical; special valves for caustic, abrasive chemicals or viscous liquids are available in all sizes and ranges.