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Grundfos Alldos‘ DMX 221 pumps offer optimum dosing technology and control safety. With their resistant plastic enclosure, they can safely be used for multiple applications. The innovative drive technology by ALLDOS, and the elaborate gear kinematics provide soft and low-pulsation dosing.

Sensitive sensors monitor both the dosing flow and the diaphragm, while providing process safety. Due to the consequent separation of hydraulics and electronics, the process is protected from disturbances.


Features and Benefits:

  • Capacity: 0.4 – 115 l/h, 10 – 3 bar.
  • The variety of capacity graduations covers any dosing flow between 4 and 115 l/h without any problems. 
  • The dosing capacity ranges can be achieved with different stroke numbers. All chemical engineering tasks are taken into consideration.
  • The control elements are ergonomically located on top of the pump.
  • Etron Profi is efficiently installed to ensure that the optimum accessibility of the pump is always guaranteed.
  • The elaborate design of the modular system considerably reduces the number of spare parts.
  • The DMX pumps can be equipped with high-quality components, such as: dosing controllers, diaphragm breakage indication or dosing head heating for special tasks.