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Product Description

CAE820 Compressed Air Network Auditing System

CAE820 Compressed Air Network Auditing System is Comate Intelligent Sensors latest solution specially designed for analyzing the performance of a single compressor or compressor group. With detailed report and curve diagrams, the user will know the condition of the compressor better or even compare the tested compressor with another compressor.

The system integrates PTF600 flow meter (with temperature and pressure measurement), and power meter that connects through COMATE tablet APP and Bluetooth communication technology.

Users are able to read not only the standard flow, FAD flow rate, pressure, power consumption and efficiency, but also load/offload times, unit power (power consumption per unit of compressed air), and power ratio (power efficiency under a certain productivity of compressed air).

Features and Benefits:

  • CAE820 portable & movable analyzing system for compressed air network
  • Measure the flow lose cause by instrument in the network
  • Measure the air flow, temperature, pressure and power consumption for single compressor or compressor group
  • All data on tablet APP for customer to review
  • Generate detailed report with data graphs, power efficiency etc for analyzing

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