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ATI company logo

Specialized in the Application of Electrochemisty

to Air and Water Monitoring

ATI is committed to developing and improving the sensing technologies that help ensure the quality og the envirnoment in which we live and work. ATI’s sensors are at work 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, to ensure safety in the workplace against the dangers of toxins and improving the control of portable water and wastewater treatment. SPD Sales and ATI share in the commitment of providing the best current technology to the marketplace. In 2003, SPD became the exclusive representative for ATI in their local market.

Industry Leading Manufacturer of Pumps and Flowmeteres

Blue-White manufactures innovative diaphragm and peristalic chemical metering pumps, metering systems, variable area and hybrid ultrasonic flowmeters, rotameteres, and water treatment accessories. The company’s aquaculture products are best applied to water and wastewater treatment issue, oil and gas industries, rural water systems, aquaculture, agriculture, food and beverage manufacturing, chemical processing, automobile washing facilities, and swimming pools.

To ensure the highest quality of products and services, the company’s dedicated quality assurance departments test and guarantee the quality of its products before shipment. Furthermore, Blue-White Industries have highly qualifies distributors and representatives world-wide.

chemtrac logo

Industry Leading Manufacturer of

Process Monitoring and Control Instruments

CHEMTRAC manufactures their instruments used for water, wastewater, and other industrial processes. They continuously pioneer new applications for their technology and products, optimizing customer satisfaction. In 1999, SPD Sales joined forces with CHEMTRAC Systems to market their complete product line within SPD’s local market. With defined objectives, and joint commitments, this combination achieves fantastic results.

egger pumps

High-Quality Centrifugal Pumps for Sensitive Fluids

Egger produces patented pump and valve solutions for raw municipal sewage and other wastewater systems. Designing, researching, developing, producing, and testing their own products, Egger pumps are long-living, ideal for continuous operation and for solving hydraulic challenges.

Having successfully navigated and excelled in the market for over 70 years, SPD Sales is proud to now offer their full product line to their entire network of customers.

Flowrox Logo

Offering Reliable Solutions for

a Wide Range of Process Industries Worldwide

FLOWROX focuses on the industries of mining, minerals, energy, as well as construction and environment industries. When pumping or dosing solutions that are abrasive, corrosive, or anything that may demand a shutoff, FLOWROX is the benchmark for heavy duty valves and pumps.

Grundfos Alldos Logo

Innovative Supplier of High-Quality Products and Services for the Environmental Technology and Water Treatment Sectors

GRUNDFOS develops, manufactures and markets dosing pumps, disenfection systems, dosing systems, as well as the associated measuring and control technology for these sectors. Using our knowledge of the markets and processes, we possess the ability to adapt to customer requirements.

SPD Sales has been associated with ALLDOS for over fifteen years. This is a partnership that continues today under the new GRUNDFOS ALLDOS name.

Our fantastic service technicians have over twenty-five years of experience in chemical feed in solid, liquid and gaseous forms. Using our knowledge of the local market, and GRUNDFOS ALLDOS’ experience as a disenfection expert, we confidently provide our customers the complete system solutions to fit all their chemical feed needs.

smart sensor comate logo

Industry Leading Manufacturer of

Industrial Flow Meters

Heifei COMATE Intelligent Sensor Co. Ltd. has put over fifteen years of research and development into their flow meter products. COMATE R&D team is able to identify and fulfill the requirement of end users and customers. This experience allows them to design the most reliable and durable flow meters on the market. SPD Sales is the exclusive vendor for the Heifei COMATE Intelligent Sensor Co. product line for all of Canada.

kurz instruments logo

Designing and Manufacturing Thermal Mass Flow Transmitters for Industrial Gas Flow Measurement

Kurz Instruments has built and maintained a stellar reputation for their wide variety of industrial applications. Ranging from combustion air, aeration air flow, digester gas, nuclear power plants, flare stack monitoring and compressed air to name only a few.

SPD Sales and Kurz Instruments have been proudly working together for over fifteen years now.

Manufacturer of Fluid Stationary and Portable Samples, and Associated Equipment

Manning Environmental Inc. is dedicated to providing the marketplace with the best value and quality fluid samples and equipment, before and after the sale.

SPD Sales and Manning work together as a team to satisfy customer needs, ranging from simple applications to custom engineering options

TE conectivity logo

Manufacturer’s Representative for Measurement Specialties

TE Connectivity is a manufacturer’s representative, specializing in test and measurement instrumentation, sensors, power supplies and analyzers, data acquisition, calibration and standards, BUS analyzers and industrial P.C. solutions.

MSA logo

The World’s Largest Safety Equipment  and Systems Manufacturer

Dedicated solely to producing a complete range of safety implementations, MSA works hard to protect employees across the globe. SPD Sales has formed an alliance with MSA, marketing the complete product line in our own local market, extending continued support to our valued customer.

nivus logo

Industry Leading Water System Measurement Technology

NIVUS leads the industry in development, production, and supply of equipment for water measurement. The company’s efforts in aquiring experience in ultrasonic measurement technology allows for ground-breaking products and excellent services to the customer.

SPD Sales, in collaboration with NIVUS, aim to, “Provide High Quality and Economic Products and Solutions to meet the Permanently Increasing Requirements on Measurement Technology!”

phoenix digital logo

The Global Leader in Ethernet Based Smart Switch Solutions

Phoenix Digital offers Ethernet Smart Switches that deliver increased plant-level connectivity for process and power devices. Linking directly to the Connected Enterprise streamlines systems, without the need of complex and expensive software based IT solutions.

SPD Sales and Phoenix Digital are proud to be working together and are looking forward to our new partnership.

primary flow signal logo

A World Leader for Accurate and Reliable Flow Meters

for Liquid, Gas, and Steam

While operating over the past two decades, Primary Flow Signal Inc. has become recognized as the predominant supplier of the HVT-Halmi Venturi Flow Meters, and sought after by municipalities throughout North America and the World.

Their applications include raw water and finished water within open and closed conduits, having special expertise designing filter arrangements. They also offer custody transfer, air, gas and steam measurements, contributing to their strong reputation among the leading engineers and end users worldwide. Today, you can find tens of thousands of successful installations and integrations across the globe.

SPD Sales and Primary Flow Signal work together to provide products and services to a wide range of clientele, including Municipal Water and Wastewater, as well as the Industrial, Commercial and Oil Industries.

raco manufacturing logo

Manufacturer of High-Quality

Reliable Remote Communications Systems

RACO alarm systems provide monitoring, reporting, data-logging, and control functions, over standard dial-up, or wireless over cellular telephone networks.

The units applications range from alarm auto-dialing, remote monitoring, reporting, data-logging, and control, and may be used for a single RTU to a full Multi-Station, Multi-Point PLC, DCS, or SCADA Network.

rotopump roto pump logo

Global Pioneers in Manufacturing

Positive Displacement Pumps

Roto Pump Prides themselves on their strong roots of manufacturing and engineering. With a sophisticated manufacturing plant featuring state-of-art research and development capabilities, Roto Pump is able to provide innovative fluid engineering solutions across multiple industries.

These tools are easily applied to a wide range of industries, including Wasterwater, Sugar, Paper, Paint, Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Process, Ceramics, Food and Beverages, Renewable Energy and Power, Mining and Explosives, Marine and Defense, and likely any project you may have in mind.

tracom logo tracom fiberglass products logo

Providing Practical Custom Fibreglass Solutions

Serving customers throughout North America and the World since 1986, TRACOM different types of flumes for open channel flow monitoring. Each flume serves different advantages and purposes, and are engineered to fit different consumer needs. The Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) are engineered for a wide range of corrosive and abusive environments, and are intended to save both time and money for customers.

In 2002, SPD Sales and TRACOM formed a partnership to deliver high quality fibreglass solutions to the local region.

Distinguished Odor Control Vent Valve Manufacturer

Wager Company offers a unique line of valves designed to protect the environment from hazardous H2S gas emitted from lift stations, wet wells, gravity lines, and wastewater treatment plants. Their valves have been tried and tested in the Wasterwater industry, preventing inflow of water and trash into outfall lines, and overflow of sewage into rivers and streams, as well as residential and commercial locations.

Wager Company has provided excellence in every industry SPD Sales serves for over 80 years. Our partnership serves to improve the health and safety of all life in our regional areas.

YSI ogo

Industry Leader of

Water Quality Measurement Instruments

Best applied to the Wastewater Industry, YSI offers the latest technology for process monitoring and control. Bringing German technology from its sister company, WTW, YSI now offers the cutting edge IQ SensorNet product line in North America.

With YSI’s partnership with SPD Sales, you can now benefit from years of experience in the Wastewater industry, and a depth of personal support from their service and support centers.

Loprest, a division of WRT, specializes in pressure filtration and ion exchange treatment processes for the removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, PFAS, turbidity and other contaminants. Loprest’s proven water treatment solutions represent the most efficient, economical, and environmentally progressive services in the industry for meeting regulatory compliance standards.