Assmann Product Line

Vertical Storage Tanks

Rotationally Molded for Chemical and Corrosion Resistance

Features Gallon Markers and Molded-In Access Openings

Assmann vertical storage tanks offers choice of virgin high density crosslink or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene.

They are semi-translucent with gallon markers and access openings molded-in. Either is more corrosion and chemical resistant than fiberglass, stainless or mild steel.

Assmann plastic bulk storage tanks are one-piece seamless molded units, designed with wall thicknesses conforming to ASTM D-1998 standards for liquid storage and have narrow diameters for space-saving in-plant use.

They possess excellent low temperature impact resistance and are U.V. stabilized. 

The Assmann polyethylene storage tank can be equipped with plastic tank accessories to fit your specifications.

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Full Drain Outlet / Patented Tank Stand

Assmann Patented Molded In Full Drain Outlet

Patented Modular Polyethylene Tank Stand

Assmann Corporation of America offers an FDO (Full Drain Outlet) outlet assembly. This outlet provides the ability to fully drain your tank without the need for mechanically installed nozzles. This assembly can be utilized where heavy solids or salts can accumulate in the bottom of the tank. This assembly virtually eliminates the need for confined space entry.

The assembly utilizes a metallic molded in insert. This insert is available in 316 Stainless steel, Titanium and Hastelloy C-276. These material variations allow us to store virtually any chemical in our tank.

Also unique about the FDO assembly, is the fully replaceable polyethylene flange adapter. The adapter can be removed so that the tank can be installed on a flat surface without concrete pad. This also provides the ability to replace the flange in the event of chemical or mechanical damage without having to replace the entire vessel

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Double Wall Tanks

Double Wall Storage Tanks and Secondary Containment Systems Provide Protection Against Hazardous Chemical Spills

Double wall tanks (IMT) provide the best protection against hazardous chemical spills into the environment. Inner tank dome overlaps outer tank sidewall to prevent rainwater, snow and debris from entering into the containment basin. Our ability to heat trace and insulate make these tanks perfect for temperature sensitive chemicals. Molded-in lifting lugs (large tanks only) and upper fitting flats are standard. Molded-in lower fitting flats, along with a sturdy Assmann designed bottom outlet, reduce the cost of expensive double wall outlets. Assmann large double wall tanks are available in capacities from 150 to 8850 gallons, small double wall tanks are available in capacities from 20 to 405 gallons. 

All double wall tanks are designed with wall thicknesses equal to or greater than that required by ASTM D-1998 standards. Double wall tanks can be customized by adding Seismic zone 4 or 120 MPH wind load tie down assemblies, leak detection, ultrasonic level indicators, and tank ladder assemblies.

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Conical Bottom Tanks

Provides Chemical Resistance – More Resistant to Corrosion and Chemicals than Fiberglass, Stainless or Mild Steel

Conical bottom tanks (OTCB & ICB) are available in seamless molded one piece units from either virgin high density crosslink or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene.

A funnel shaped conical bottom with 30° or 45° slope is molded-in as are gallon markers and access openings. Wall thickness conforms to ASTM D-1998 standards for liquid containment. Our storage tank systems possess excellent low temperature impact resistance and are U.V. stabilized against degradation by sunlight.

Factory approved steel supports work is required or can be supplied. Other options include agitator support brackets, ladders, and tie-down assemblies. They can be equipped with accessories to fit your specifications.

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Horizontal Storage Tanks

Cylindrical Horizontal Tanks and Free-Standing Horizontal Leg Poly Tanks For Chemical Storage

Cylindrical horizontal poly storage tanks (IHT, AHT) are available in various sizes and configurations. Consult factory for specific drawings or configurations. Factory approved steel support stands are required for all cylindrical horizontal tanks. Horizontal stands are standard with epoxy primer and top coat.

Free-standing horizontal storage tanks (IHFS) are similar to the horizontal tanks above, except they have molded-in legs requiring no steel cradle support. Materials and features are similar to vertical and conical tanks.

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Misc. Storage Tanks

Miscellaneous Polyethylene Storage Tanks
and Chemical Storage Tanks

Industrial Mini Bulk (IMB) tanks and Industrial Mini Drum tanks (IMD) are molded in either high density crosslink polyethylene or NSF Certified linear polyethylene. Molded polyethylene skids are optional for both IMB 120 and 200 models. These skids allow the tank to be lifted and re-located during non-use periods. The IMD series tanks have molded in baffles and forklift access.

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Secondary Containment

Rectangular Secondary Containment Basins for Chemical Storage

Secondary containment basins (IRD) are molded in virgin high density crosslink or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene. They have a tapered design for nesting during shipping. These meet or exceed EPA requirements for containment of dangerous chemicals. Check with local regulatory agencies for compliance in your area. When determining size of secondary containment basins, always refer to factory drawings to confirm primary polyethylene storage tank size compatibility.

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Non-Pressure Piston Bins

Assmann’s unique piston system offers new solutions for storage, handling and delivery of viscous products. This sealed and closed-looped system also provides solutions for protecting high quality and expensive materials from air, moisture, dirt and other contamination.

The poly bins have been used for lubricating greases, plastisol sealers, and fiber optic gels. This is a pump operated system that is filled and discharged through the same bottom 3″ valve and quick connect fitting. The material must be flowable from the pump to load properly. As the material is pumped out, the vacuum below the airtight piston pulls the piston along with the product while wiping the tank sidewalls clean. Because the material level can be easily viewed, customers use more product when compared to other containers. When completely discharged, only 5 or 6 gallons remain in the 400 gallon piston bin.

The plastic tanks are reusable and returnable containers that are virtually 100% efficient. They eliminate the high cost of drum waste, handling and disposal. They are rugged, durable and will last many years with minimum maintenance.

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Custom Molded Products

Rotationally Molded Custom Plastic Tanks and Parts for Turnkey Assemblies

Assmann provides rotationally molded custom polyethylene and custom plastic tanks and parts for turnkey assemblies and programs, custom color blending, molded-in graphics, JIT, as well as trimming, routing and drilling of plastics.  Short or long runs and part/tool design services provided.

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • 2-3 week turn-around
  • Trimming, routing, drilling
  • FDA conforming resins and materials
  • Turnkey assemblies and programs
  • JIT
  • Linear low/high density and crosslinked polyethylene
  • Large parts capabilities
  • Molded-in-graphics and engravings
  • Molded-in inserts
  • Dual laminates/linings/lined systems

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Open Top Tanks

Open Top Polyethylene Storage Tanks and Chemical Storage Tanks

Industrial Open Top tanks (IOT) are molded from your choice of virgin high density cross-link or NSF certified linear polyethylene. These flat bottom vertical tanks are molded with a stiffening lip on the top to give the tank rigidity, and they are equipped with shoe-box style cover. Assmann open top tank covers have a unique design that allows the lid to be hinged and stay open. Available in a variety of colors and in sizes ranging from 30 to 680 Gallons. As an option for these tanks, Assmann offers both stainless steel and mild steel epoxy coated agitator support stands.

  • Molded in upper stiffening lip on tank
  • Unique lid design that stays open.
  • Uniform thickness
  • Optional agitator support stands
  • Optional S/S or polyethylene hinge
  • Molded in gallon markers
  • Typically used as day tanks or mixing vessels

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